Dandelion Wish Necklace

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The real title of this necklace is: Stop Wishing And Start Doing Necklace For the Badass Doers Out There
This necklace is for the kickass person out there who is tired of sitting back and waiting for life to happen to them. I put these dandelion seeds in a handblown glass hollow sphere so you wouldn't waste time on wishing anymore, because you don't need to. You've got you and that's all that you need and you're ready to tackle the world.

I know I can't stop you from wishing, they're just stuck inside so whatever metaphor that means. I did make a few wishes for you on your behalf though while stuffing them in.

The clear spheres are larger than the green spheres. They are approx. 25mm. The green spheres are approx 18mm.

I attached them to 24" of gold or silver plated chain.