• The building is wheelchair accessible with ramps at the front and back entrances and throughout the building.
  • There are gender neutral restrooms in the building.
  • Two accessible parking spaces at the front entrance of the building. Back gate entrance available upon request.
  • 10th & Upas/Espi's Restaurant Bus Stop is a three minute walk.
  • This space is not scent-free.
  • There are multiple fluorescent lights and black-lights in and outside of the building. During certain events there are lights that change color in the backyard.
  • Seating is available, but depending on the capacity and popularity of the event, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis, but can be prioritize seating upon request.
  • For specific events, there will be ASL (American Sign Language) and LSM (Lengua de Señas Mexicana) interpreters, which will be publicized on event flyers.