She by Mark of the Monark | Opening Night Showcase Friday, July 15th

She by Mark of the Monark | Opening Night Showcase Friday, July 15th

Join us for an exploration of self, healing, worth and knowing on July 15th from 7 - 9 PM for Mark of the Monark's opening night showcase, "SHE". Mark of the Monark beautifully & literally weaves collage, prose, watercolor, fibers and acrylic together, as she tells the story of just that; the process of sorting through all that's yours and that which is not while tending to the parts rawer than the rest. In the end, each layer belongs and each layer is whole in all its complex fullness.

Prose overlays each piece, refusing the false narratives of self given by others while claiming her own in the process. Mark of the Monark says, “I’ve never really been a rebel; always been kind of scared and shy. After a number of experiences where men/and people I loved made me question my self worth, I decided it was my time to rebel. I’m rebelling against all those voices and experiences that convinced me I was less than, and I’m rebelling against them through my art.” The contrast between the childlike depictions, the stitch work, colors and prose elicits the knowing that you are exactly the person you needed as a child. The one that knows your worthiness was never actually up for debate.


Friday, July 15th | 7-9pm

Live music & refreshments | Free admission
The exhibition will be up from July 15 through August 2nd

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