Raw Emotion by Robert DeLair | Opening Night, Wednesday, May 18th

Raw Emotion by Robert DeLair | Opening Night, Wednesday, May 18th

Join us for an immersive, heart-centered experience on May 18th from 6 - 9 PM for Robert DeLair's opening night of his showcase, "Raw Emotion". DeLair's use of watercolor, pen and acrylic paint expresses the complex and vulnerable intricacies of his emotional and internal processes. His placement and use of color evokes the felt heaviness of moving through and with the heart's holding. Yet this heaviness is simultaneously infused with a gentleness; both singing in unison, a chorus that would seize to exist if we dared to separate one from the other. Like the gentleness that exists within even daring to look, daring to even know its presence, like a child unknowingly looking down to see a scrape and without hesitation, releasing their cries. DeLair's work is a story of that which is always, in the same breath, hidden and exposed. 

DeLair says, "This is an exploration of emotional trauma and how we choose to attach or detach from it." He reflects ourselves back to us, as he asks "What do we keep hidden underneath? Is it good to stay hidden?" 


May 18th - June 4th, 2022 | Free Entrance

The opening night of DeLair's showcase will include a sound healing session in the garden that you may participate in and a low-stimulation soothing room for anyone to journal in, regulate or soothe in whatever ways feel comfortable for you.

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