"Queering Space": Opening Night Showcase | Thursday, June 23rd

"Queering Space": Opening Night Showcase | Thursday, June 23rd

Join us for our opening night showcase, "Queering Space", bringing together and featuring the work of multiple trans and queer artists in Rio Grande Valley. Be transported into a world that is already, has always been, will always be, trans and queer. Our featured artists for the exhibit are: Olympia Villa, NastyDoodles, Josué Ramírez, J. Angel, Jose-Javier Hayes, Sydney Ribera, xbabygore, Jonathan M. Montemayor and 1970 MonkeyHead Experiment.

The collection of pieces echo dreamings, playfulness, intimacies and imaginings; from longing, to crying, laughing, screaming and dreaming, the collection of pieces in concert beckon us towards a spaciousness that holds it all; one that was, is, and will be here before our first breath and after our last. Together, the sum of this exhibit exposes cracks in language, something impossible to hold within the limit of language's narrow confine. This break in language utters an unbound aliveness that could never be bound by anyone's terms and conditions. It reminds me that 95% of the ocean has not been touched by humans. An aliveness that doesn't need permission to be, one that will always be boundlessly expansive, endlessly shifting terrain nonetheless. Queering Space is an arrival to this aliveness that carries us forward; it is a portal that reverberates the past, holds the present, divines the future, makes the world. It reminds us that dreaming is not frivolous, it is vital.

7 - 11 PM | Free Entrance

The opening night of "Queering Space" will include a Trans and Queer community picnic, bingo, vendors and community painting. There will be two safety people designated for the entire event and will be pointed out with specific colors at the beginning of the showcase.


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